AAAID Awards its Strategic Supporting Partners

Date: 20 Apr, 2016

AAAID is a legal, independent financial institution that specializes in the reinforcement of food security in the Arab world through agricultural investment and development. Throughout its 40-year journey in Arab member states, the authority has succeeded in creating a large number of strategic partnerships with relevant bodies in the public and private sectors.
This comes its belief in the importance of establishing solid ties with all of its strategic partners including ministries, authorities, embassies of Arab member states and regional and international organizations among other stakeholders in the host country and other Arab countries. Further AAAID acknowledges the importance of the role of these partners in supporting its vision, mission and goals of providing basic food needs to the people of the Arab countries through the investment and development of agricultural resources.
From that perspective, AAAID is organizing an Awarding Ceremony Dinner in recognition of its strategic supporters on Wednesday 20th April 2016 at 8:30 PM in Nile Hall, Al Salam Rotana. AAAID aims to express its gratitude and appreciation for the role of these partners in the reinforcement of Arab Food security and driving sustainable development. A number of high-level representatives from federal and state ministries, embassies of member states and regional and international organizations will attend the ceremony in addition to members of the press, news agencies and television stations.
Through continuous engagement with its strategic partners and supporters, AAAID seeks to expand its activity and establish new projects that generate social and economic value in the long-term to the people and states of Arab countries.