AAAID Participates in Arab Agriculture Day 2015

Date: 07 Sep, 2015

AAAID participated in the Arab Agriculture Day 2015 organized by the Arab Organization for Agricultural Development in Khartoum in September 2015 under the slogan “Effective Agricultural Investment for Arab Food Security. “
The event discussed a number of issues pertaining to Food security in the Arab world with focus on climate change issues. AAAID’s participating delegation was headed by His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazrooei, President of AAAID who presented two papers on Agricultural Investment in Jordan and the Republic of Tunisia. During his presentation, His Excellency Al Mazrooei stressed on the importance of communication with the Government of Jordan. He referred to the huge resource capacities of Arab countries such as the Republic of Tunisia and the importance of finding optimum solutions to utilize them.
AAAID also presented a paper titled “AAAID efforts to encourage the Agricultural Investment in the Arab world “which explained its efforts to introduce new technologies in agriculture in the Arab world and the fundamental role it plays in developing the agricultural sector and strengthening cooperation ties with the private sector.
The paper reviewed some of the joint venture projects with the private sector that AAAID has implemented in numerous Arab countries for purposed of agricultural development. The paper also outlined AAAID’s establishment of 30 companies for the production and processing of essential food commodities such as sugar, vegetables oils, dairies, fisheries, agricultural seeds and improvement seeds.
The event also organized an Exhibition which included other participants such as the Sudanese Ministry of Agriculture and Forests and a number of companies and organizations operating in the Agricultural sector. AAAID exhibited two stands that displayed the products of its affiliated companies.