AAAID President visits Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg and Madrid

Date: 20 Apr, 2015

His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazrowei has visited Paris, Brussels, Luxembourg and Madrid in the period from 20 to 28 April.2015 in order to participate in events of the International Exhibition for fishing products.
His Excellency President has met the officials of the organizations who attend the event and he explored the investment opportunities.
During the visit, his Excellency Al Mazrowei has met the higher administrations of the European Bank for Investment (Paris Office) who they welcomed him and his delegation.
The delegation has presented a presentation on AAAID’s activities, strategies and the potential investments, stressing the important role that AAAID plays in the field of agricultural investment.
The two parts agreed to continue the communications, coordination and the ways of cooperation.
His Excellency Al Mazrowei and the delegation have visited also the head quarter of Geocoton Company that works in the field of vegetables oils to know more about the company’s components and its activities.
The visit included as well a meeting with Adepta Foundation who they agreed to participate with AAAID in its existing and under study projects.
The delegation also have attend a meeting with the higher administration of Sofreco who they agreed to prepare feasibility studies for cold storages projects in both of Morocco and Tunisia as well as a project for red meats production in Mauritania.
At the end of the visit , AAAID’s delegation have met Deepak Spanish Company which works in fisheries , the two parts discussed the ways of cooperation between Deepak and Arab shrimp Company, Arab Fisheries Co and Boubyan Fisheries.