Al Mazrowei Meets the Ministers of Finance & Agriculture of the Republic of Sudan

Date: 21 Jan, 2015

His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazrowei -President of the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment & Development (AAAID) ,accompanied with the heads of the departments has visit his Excellency Badr Eldin Mahmoud -Minister of Finance & Economy of Sudan in the presence of his Excellency Ibrahim Mahmoud Hamid -Minister of Agriculture on Wednesday 21/01/2015.
Mr. Al Mazrowei extended his congratulations to the Ministers ,Government & the people of Sudan on the occasion of independence wishing every one good health and progress.
During the meeting he reviewed the obstacles that facing AAAID’s affiliates in Sudan such as Arab Sudanese Blue Nile Agriculture Company (one of the promising projects).
He also discussed several topics such as : establish the Supplemental Irrigation Project , the re-run of Dairy Unit , Starch and Glucose Production Plant , pointing to the importance of the Government Support (the ministries of Finance & Agriculture).

For his part his Excellency the Minister of Finance pledged to overcome all the problems that hinder the work of the companies stressing the important role of AAAID in Sudan.
On the other hand his Excellency Al Mazrowei has met his Excellency the Minister of Agriculture who listened to a brief on AAAID activities in Sudan and the obstacles that facing the work , the minister promised to facilitate all these difficulties, he also welcomed the partnership with AAAID’s affiliates companies pointing to the increase of poultry products demand in Sudan.