Chairman of AAAID receives the President of the Professional Association for the Sudanese Agricultural Engineers

Date: 06 Dec, 2014

His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazrowei -Chairman of AAAID has met in his office in Khartoum on Monday 10 Nov 2014 , Mr Al Wassila Hassan Manofali – President of the Professional Association for the Sudanese Agricultural Engineers.
His Excellency Al Mazrowei has welcomed the visit and he presented an explanation on AAAID’s agricultural programs and activities in Sudan and the Arab world.
For his part, Mr. Manofali extended his thanks to AAAID for the meeting and he presented a brief on the activities of the association , declaring that the goal of the visit is to inform AAAID that Khartoum has been chosen to host the meetings of the executive office of the association during the period from 6-9 Dec 2014 , with participation of 13 Arab countries.
He added that the event includes a paper on the levels of the implementation of the initiative of his Excellency President of the Republic of the Sudan to achieve the Arab Food Security , the paper will be presented by professor Ahmed Ali Genaif.
On the other hand, the organizing committee suggested an interference from his Excellency Al Mazrowei on the paper that will be presented in the conference.
For his part , Mr. Al Mazrowei expressed pleasure to participate in these meetings , he also extended his gratitude to the delegation of the association stressing that AAAID is very keen to strengthen its relations with all the entities which support the agricultural activities.