H.E President of AAAID Pays Review Visits to the Affiliate Companies in the Headquarters Host Country- Sudan

Date: 03 Sep, 2019

H.E Mohamed bin Obaid Al Mazrooei, President of the Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development (AAAID), accompanied by a delegation from the Arab Authority, toured a number of AAAID’s Affiliate Companies in the Republic of Sudan on 31/08/2019- 01/09/2019. The visit came in support of the economic development process taking place in the country and the keenness of the Arab Authority to provide sustainable agricultural and food products to reinforce food security in the Republic of Sudan as well as an interest in following up on the level of performance and achievement in agricultural companies.

His Excellency the President of AAAID personally inspected the fields and the performance of Al Mutamayiza for Vegetables and Crops Production in the Umm Dom region, which is engaged in contracting with farmers to grow, sort, grade and package vegetables and fruits. The company has refrigerated warehouses with a capacity of 2,500 tons, three lines for grading and packaging, irrigation channels, 16 greenhouses, as well as some agricultural machinery.

H.E also reviewed the performance of El Bagair Red Meat Company, which works on the production, fattening, slaughter, marketing and export of red meat of international quality (live animals, meat cutters and meat factories). The production capacity of the company is 500 thousand sheep for live export, and fattening and for Hajj sacrifice purposes, while 150 thousand head of sheep are for processing for the local market and export. In addition to fattening of 45 thousand heads of cows and preparing them for the local market and for exporting, and allocating 15 thousand head of calves to manufacture meat.

H.E Al Mazrooie also paid a visit to the Arab Poultry Production and Processing Company located at Al Taybah Al Hassanab, whose main activity includes the production of poultry meat and table eggs. The production capacity includes (12) breeder coops that can accommodate 50,000 chicks and produce about 4.5 million hatching eggs annually. Al-Badari farms (broilers) contain 30 coops with a production capacity of 4.4 million chicks to produce about 5 thousand tons of poultry meat annually. The laying section consists of 3 sheds with a production capacity of 15 million table eggs per year, while the hatchery has 12 incubators and 4 hatchers, the hatchers’ production capacity is 5 million chicks per year. The slaughterhouse section contains a freezing room and cold stores for conservation and has a production capacity of 3000 birds per hour. The fodder plant, with a production capacity of 10 tons per hour, consists of 3 silos with a storage capacity of 6 thousand tons in addition to external warehouses and an administrative building.
Additionally, H.E President of AAAID also visited the Arab Company for Drugs LTD, which is engaged in the production, manufacture and marketing of veterinary medicines through 3 production lines. These include the sterile injection production line producing 900,000 liters per year, 1.8 million liters per year from the veterinary oral liquid line and 80,000 kilograms of powder, tablets and capsules from the solid production line.
His Excellency met with officials in the Affiliate Companies and listened to a detailed explanation of the performance of the companies and stages of production processes, constraints and difficulties facing those companies, and how to find appropriate solutions for the suggested issues.