His Excellency Minister of Investment in the Republic of Sudan Affirms his Ministry’s full support of the Third Arab Conference for Agricultural Investment

Date: 12 Jul, 2016

Many factors have contributed to the creation of an attractive investment climate in the Republic of Sudan, the most important being the Sudanese government’s serious desire to develop the investment climate and attract foreign investors to the country. This has reflected on the large number of investors that have visited Sudan with the aim of establishing investment projects.

In the frame of promoting AAAID’s rich investment opportunities, His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid Al Mazrooei visited His Excellency Mudather Abdel Ghani, Minister of Investment of the Republic of Sudan on Tuesday 12th July 2016.

At the outset of the meeting, His Excellency AAAID President congratulated His Excellency and all the officials of the Sudan Government on occasion of Eid Al Fitr. He further thanked H.E for his generous welcome and continuous support of AAAID’s investments and activities in its Head Office in the Sudan. He explained that the objective of the visit was to share AAAID’s intent on organizing the Third Arab Conference for Agricultural Investment in the Republic of Sudan in early 2017.

His Excellency, the Minister welcomed Mr. Al Mazrooei and his delegation and thanked him for the visit and his continuous engagement with the ministry and other government officials. He ensured the importance of AAAID’s role in achieving food security by utilizing Sudan’s rich agricultural resources following the directives of His Excellency the President’s food security initiative.

During the meeting, a presentation was conducted to introduce Third Arab Conference for Agricultural Investment in Sudan and explain the justifications of selecting Sudan to organize the conference. These included the support of His Excellency the President’s Food security initiative and the activities and achievements that have taken place in the field of agricultural investment and development as well as the comparative advantages and the attractive investment climate in Sudan. Further, the logistical facilitations and support required for the organization of the conference and the objectives were outlined in exploring agricultural investment opportunities in Arab countries and enhancing the efforts of Arab countries towards developing investments and increasing investments in the agricultural sector. In addition, they included encouraging Arab governments to create an attractive investment climate to facilitate procedures and provide and privileges and customs concessions to local agricultural products.

The Minister ensured his full welcome and support of the conference and his readiness to facilitate the recommendations of the conference to sign agreements that support investment journey and reinforce food security in the Arab world.