Minister of Forestry and Agriculture in Sudan: ‘’All challenges facing AAAID will be resolved before mid-February 2016’’

Date: 16 Dec, 2015

AAAID President His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid Al-Mazrooei paid a visit to His Excellency Dr.Ibrahim Adam Al-Dhekheiry, the Sudanese Minister of Forestry and Agriculture on December 16th 2015 in his office at the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture in Sudan. He was accompanied by a delegation of AAAID department managers and representatives of the shareholders of Mazdana Agricultural Services Company.

Initially, H.E President of AAAID expressed his gratitude and appreciation to H.E the Minister and all the officials of the Government of Sudan for their warm welcome and continuous support extended to AAAID in all its activities in its Headquarters in the country.

From his end, the Minister welcomed the AAAID President and his accompanying delegation and thanked His Excellency for his continuous engagement with the officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and the Government of Sudan. He stressed the importance of AAAID’s role in achieving Arab food security through the utilization of the agricultural resources that Sudan is rich in and in execution of the directives of His Excellency The President of the Republic.

His Excellency, President of AAAID and his delegation presented the general challenges that face AAAID has affiliated companies in the Republic of Sudan. He specifically mentioned those facing Mazdana Agricultural Services Company, which provides integrated services based on zero-tillage agricultural technologies and services related to farmers in the rain-fed and irrigation sectors in Sudan. He also discussed with His Excellency the mechanisms of support to overcome the obstacles and challenges facing the company. Mr.Al-Mazrooei also presented AAAID’S efforts in monitoring these projects to achieve their desired objectives and to actively contribute in achieving Arab food security.

In conclusion, H.E The Minister emphasized his full support of AAAID and requested a list of all the problems that the institution is facing and stating that all of them will be solved by the middle of February 2016 to enable AAAID to continue its journey. His Excellency gave orders to create a task force for cooperating and coordinating the development of Mazdana consisting of the Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture, AAAID and Mazdana to expand the scope of the company’s activities and technology transfer in various Sudanese states.