The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development Participates in the First Al-Ain Small and Medium Enterprises Forum

Date: 27 Oct, 2015

The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development participated in Al-Ain Conference and Exhibition for Small and Medium Enterprises 2015 which was held on October 27th and 28th. The Exhibition was held in area of 4000 Square Meters and successfully attracted 1000 visitors and participants from the Emirates of Al Ain, the city of Abu Dhabi and other Emirates in the United Arab Emirates.
The Arab Authority for Agricultural Investment and Development distinguished itself in its allocated exhibition space in an attractive display of its identity, activities and its joint stock companies. AAAID actively promoted its brand and the nature and scope of its activities through brochures and answering the queries presented by the visitors of its stall. The Abu Dhabi Chamber for Commerce and Industry strongly commended AAAID for its participation that witnessed a high level of turnout from the relevant authorities and potential investors in the field of agricultural sector and visitors who were interested in learning more about AAAID and its activities.
Further AAAID’s participation extended to the presentation of a paper and participation in a panel discussion. The paper,titled: ‘’AAAID’s experience in the adoption of Small Projects under the Umbrella of Large Investment Projects’’, explained AAAID’s undertaking of activities that included the spreading and nationalization modern agricultural systems and technologies amongst small farmers in the rain-fed and irrigated sectors. The presentation also presented investment and development that AAAID has executed citing the example of the Fayoom Sugar Project, a pioneering agricultural project that has contributed to the employment of 70,000 families of local farmers. The presentation emphasized that the outcomes of the project have contributed to the achievement of sustainable agricultural development in the Arab world enacting AAAID’s vision of enhancing food security.
AAAID’s presentation and panel discussions were highly interactive and engaging with the audience, who expressed their interest through discussions that resulted in the session extending for more than its allocated time.
AAAID has always been an active participant in local, regional and international platforms that encourage investments that support sustainable development. This couple with the success of AAAID’s projects is high evidence of its commitment to exert continuous efforts towards the reinforcement food security and addressing the food gap in the Arab world.