The Trust Fund: Pioneer Financing of Small-Scale Farmers Al Jezira Scheme- Ray Gaboja

Date: 04 Oct, 2015

In its continuous efforts to develop and enhance its role in the development of rural agricultural communities and alleviate poverty, AAAID has initiated a Trust Fund by order of its Board of Directors in 2005.
The Trust Fund aims to support the basic services such as health, education and water access in the production areas with focus on low-income areas. The Trust Fund offers aid services to low-income, small-scale farmers in order to promote productivity levels through the intervention of appropriate technologies and availing animal and plant production inputs. In addition, the Trust Fund provides revolving loans and Training to small and medium enterprises, especially women to increase and sustain productivity.

In this context, a delegation of experts from AAAID have made a field visit the Ray Gaboja area, which represents a continuation of the success story of small-scale farmers in Tourat AlSafi. Farmer’s associations in Ray Al-Gaboja area have applied for financing in March 2014 targeting the extension of funds to 66 farmers for the planting of 368 acres of groundnuts and 280 acres of wheat.
The delegation monitored the harvest levels and received a detailed explanation from the Program Supervisor. This included information on the types of tillage operations executed on the targeted timelines recommended by the Agricultural Research Corporation. The farmers praised AAAID’s pioneering efforts and its distinguished approach from its peer Financial Institutions. They further stated that the timeliness of the Financing has enabled them to harvest their agricultural yields in the appropriate time and confirmed their readiness to harvest in the beginning of November and honour their financial commitments to AAAID.