His Excellency AAAID President Meets His Excellency The Minister of Industry in the Republic of Sudan

Date: 22 Aug, 2016

The industrial sector is one of the main and most important components of the national economy with direct contribution to the process of economic growth. On this basis, His Excellency Mohamed Bin Obaid AL Mazrooei- AAAID President and his delegation met His Excellency Engineer Mohamed Yousif Ahmed Mustafa- Minister of Industry of the Republic of Sudan on Monday 22/8/2016 in the premises of Kenana Sugar Company.
His Excellency Al Mazrooei extended his gratitude and respect to His Excellency the Advisor to the President of the Republic and all of the Sudan government officials for their warm welcome and continuous support of AAAID’s activities and head office. He added that the main purpose of his visit was to provide an overview of the Third Arab Conference for Agricultural Investment in the first Quarter of 2017.

His Excellency the Minister welcomed the AAAID President and his delegation on his part and expressed gratitude for his continuous engagement with the officials of the government of Sudan. He emphasized the importance of AAAID’s role in achieving Arab food security by utilizing Sudan’s rich agricultural resources in enactment of His Excellency the President of the Republic’s food security initiative.

AAAID delivered an introductory presentation of the Conference explaining the rationale behind the selection of the Republic of Sudan as a host country. Among these are the support of His Excellency the President of the Republic’s food security initiative and the achievements that have been accomplished in the field of agricultural investment and development. Further, the country’s comparative and competitive advantage, attractive investment climate and investment privileges, focus of Arab and international funds, organizations and businessmen with agricultural investment projects in Sudan and the success stories of investors and companies are all success factors for the conference. 

His Excellency stated the conference objectives, which are summarized in exploring and benefitting from agricultural and food investment opportunities in the Arab countries. His Excellency explained that the conference also aimed to enhance the efforts of Arab countries directed towards improving the investment climate and agricultural development that in turn will increase investment in the sector. In addition, they included encouraging Arab governments to create an attractive investment climate by facilitating procedures, providing privileges and customs concessions to investors in the agricultural sector on locally produced agricultural commodities.

He added that the conference session topics were addressed included His Excellency the President of the Republic’s food security initiative, agricultural investment policies, plant and animal production, food and agricultural processing and innovation in the agricultural sector. His Excellency also mentioned the expected participants that included ministries, organizations, business men and investors, funds, financing banks and other bodies related to investment related bodies.

His Excellency the Minister welcomed the idea of holding the conference in Sudan ensuring that AAAID would receive support from his Ministry to achieve its goals. H.E also committed to providing assistance to AAAID and its companies in the host country to practice its activities aimed at reinforcing Arab food security and achieving His Excellency the President of the Republic’s food security initiative through optimum use of Sudan’s agricultural resources.